Luxurious and truly magnificent villas on the Costa del Sol will be an excellent choice for those who appreciate beauty and cosiness. The Coast of the Sun (Costa del Sol) is Spain’s southernmost coastline, stretching from the Strait of Gibraltar to Málaga.

Costa del Sol
One of the popular resorts on the Costa del Sol


The coastline is made up of a number of dispersed or overlapping small towns. The area has the strongest sense of Andalusia, Spain’s most attractive autonomous region, which preserves its ancient culture and customs.

The capital is Málaga, with 550,000 inhabitants. And the coast lies between the Costa de la Luz and the Costa Tropical.

Málaga is the administrative center of the province of Andalusia

8 interesting facts about the Costa del Sol


  1. This is the place to spend a summer holiday or provide pleasant accommodation to the highest standards. Only this seaside area has the most inviting sandy beaches, a mild Mediterranean climate and sunshine all year round.
  2. This region in Spain is recognized as one of the most civilized and best suited to a high standard of living. The level of medical care and education in this beautiful paradise is also quite high. The level of education in public institutions from Marbella to Málaga is very decent.
  3. In the event of a medical emergency, you can always choose from numerous experienced Russian-speaking specialists in a variety of fields.
  4. English interpreters are provided at health centres. English is also spoken in offices, shops, bars, and restaurants.
  5. One of the main attractions is Malaga Airport. It is designed so that anyone who travels frequently will be able to conveniently travel from the airport to their villa on the Costa del Sol.
  6. This elite and popular resort is a sought-after destination for wealthy locals and foreign tourists alike. The most expensive properties are coastal villas and other properties that are built near cultural, historic sites and near the seashore.
  7. In certain areas, one square metre of property costs between five and ten thousand euros. Among the available resort towns in Spain, the Costa del Sol is recognized as the record-breaker in terms of luxury property prices. But you can also find accommodation here at a fairly affordable price, apart from the luxury mansions.
  8. The resort area is often home to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and celebrities. Many Spanish aristocrats, film stars and other international celebrities have estates and residences on the Costa del Sol.
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