Málaga is an ancient and beautiful city located on the border of the African and European continent and this fact gives it a special “zest”, attracting many tourists every year from all over the world. The city, located in the middle of the bay and surrounded by mountains, with its alleys buried in the greenery, is attractive at any time of the year, despite the rather hot summer. During the colder seasons, many people head to the south of Spain, where the climate is mild and temperatures rarely drop below 17 degrees Celsius during the winter. Since choosing a good hotel is an important part of any holiday, we have a few options for 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in the centre of Malaga with comfortable accommodation and attractive prices.

In the centre of Málaga, accommodation should be chosen for those who are looking for a cultural programme. However, as in any resort town, the centre is the most noisy place due to the abundance of tourists. At the same time, even in the city centre there are always places where you can protect yourself as much as possible from the loud music, noise and merriment.

If you want to fully soak up the atmosphere of the centre and all the emotions that the cultural monuments and cosy streets of the city will give you, you should decide on a price that will suit you. There are several hotels that offer the best value for money.

Choose accommodation with a map

Only YOU Hotel Málaga


Soho Boutique Equitativa


Hotel Don Curro


Molina Lario


Dulces Dreams Boutique Hotel


In the centre of Málaga, there are plenty of hotels and hostels to suit all tastes and budgets. Everyone makes a choice with their interests in mind. Some want to be in the centre of the fun, some want peace and quiet, although it’s not easy to find a quiet place in the centre of a tourist city in high season. Many are interested in a budget option. For many, the availability of rooms for people with disabilities is important. Some are keen to bring their pets along for the holiday.

Everyone can find what they are looking for.

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