1Air transport is the most popular and fastest way to get to your destination. Barcelona is also a transit centre for travellers, so hotel rooms near the airport are always in high demand. We have analysed the options for accommodation and formed our top 5 hotels near the airport.

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Airhostel Barcelona Airport 24h

BAH Barcelona Airport Hotel


Hotel Barcelona Aeropuerto, affiliated by Meliá




Centre Esplai Albergue

There are 2 hostels on the list, as it is a good option for a 1-night stay. Most of the complaints about the hotels in the ranking are about the noise from takeoffs and poor soundproofing of the rooms. Also note the rather large average settlement price, but this is characteristic of the entire region.

Recommended in Barcelona

List of hotels with unique offers from Booking


El Prat has two terminals, T1 and T2. A free shuttle runs between them at 2-minute intervals. Travel time is 18-20 minutes. You can find the bus by special signs with arrows on the floor.

The most budget option, in addition the fastest – by train. It departs every half hour from Terminal T2 and takes you to one of the three subway stops. The cost of a single fare is 2.4 euros. If you buy a pass, the cost of the trip will be reduced to 1 euro.

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