Hotels in the centre of Alicante have similar disadvantages to hotels in other cities – a lot of noise from the street from the many tourists and bars. Another problem is the lack of comfortable high-class hotels, which is compensated by the availability of a sufficient number of comfortable apart-hotels and apartments for rent.

Choose accommodation with a map

Reina Victoria Prado Sastre


Hotel BH San Francisco


Alicante Center Apart

Hospes Amerigo


S30 Reina Victoria


The centre of Alicante is famous for a very beautiful promenade, where it is pleasant to spend time and do walks, inexpensive Central Market, and traditionally – beautiful architecture and cathedrals. The Santa Barbara Fortress is a must-see – the view of the city and the surrounding area from there is simply wonderful.

List of hotels with unique offers from Booking
  • Santa Barbara Castle
  • San Fernando Fortress
  • Esplanade Boulevard
  • Santa Cruz neighborhood
  • Alicante Town Hall
  • Carbonell House
  • Gabriel Miró Square
  • Quijano Pantheon
  • Bullfighting arena
  • The Holy Trinity ship
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Gravin Palace and Museum of Fine Arts
  • Water Museum
  • Bullfighting museum
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