The project eHotelTOP – analytical and reference resource, which is designed to help you find the most favorable and convenient options for accommodation in hotels in different cities of Spain. We study and analyze available materials on the Internet – hotel descriptions and reviews of hotels in different thematic services to determine the advantages and disadvantages.

Our analytical reviews are structured in such a way that a potential client can make an informed decision based on data from various sources. The rating evaluates not only the level of service and infrastructure of the hotel, but also its location, the presence of loyalty programs, and so on. No less important, we believe, is providing information about the shortcomings of a particular hotel, information about which is also taken from the descriptions on the popular services Booking, TripAdvisor and Airbnb. Convenient interactive maps and charts of access will make it easy to find the best option for settlement, and the section with hot deals will present the best deals from the financial side.

Also eHotelTOP tries to make interesting materials about the attractions of the leading Spanish resorts and other cities, large and small. For each city that you want to visit, on our resource is an overview with hotels, where you can stay during your visit, with our recommendations and a description of the nuances of accommodation.