One of the oldest cities in Spain is Valladolid. The city is known for its unusual architecture, it’s a lot of museums and the many other places of interest that attract so many tourists.


Campo Grande Park

Campo Grande is the most important place in Valladolid, located in the heart of the city. It has a very relaxed atmosphere, offering a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a wonderful place to watch the stunning royal peacocks that inhabit this beautiful place. Not only will it be fun for children to watch them, but also for their parents. The park is definitely suitable for long walks and good leisure time.


Valladolid’s main square

One of the most essential places to visit in the city is the central square. It is famous for being the site of a monument to the Count who founded Valladolid. It used to be the site not only of the city’s main market, but also for executions, national festivals, local festivities and religious ceremonies, including services.

University of Valladolid

University of Valladolid


This university is the oldest in the world. It was founded as a branch of the University of Palencia, in 1241. A big number of students study at this university, but even more are employed by its teachers. Later, after much discussion, the building was demolished. However, in place of the old one, a new one was built.


Church of Santa Maria la Antigua

One of the attractions of the city of Valladolid is the many temples. One of which is the Church of Santa Maria la Antigua. It was built in 1095 on the site of an ancient building, which represents an unusual site. The church later underwent a huge transformation. The new church is brighter and the bell tower has also been rebuilt. The church can be compared to a huge four-storey tower, where a beautiful cross can be seen at the top.


San Pablo Church

In addition to the church described above, the city of Valladolid has another wonderful church. This building is unique as it is a remnant of an ancient monastery, and for local parishioners it is a special place. The main feature of the church is the stone altar, which was transferred from the monastery mentioned above.

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